Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Allison and I are hoping to get out of town today and head for London in spite of the weather that is here in the great Northeast! We have been plowing thru piles, making up projects and stuffing goodies into our bags. We can only hope that we have all of the stuff we need to be international business mavens!!

I've posted a picture of my "National Security Advisor Necklace" know that you are safe and well in the world. I will have it with me on our trip, so we will also be safe and able access the answers to perplexing questions!

I am taking my new video camera and operating guide to start our video viral marketing campaign...I have a long way to go, but a few hours in airports and airplanes might help...

The weather seems to be deteriorating! Cheerio!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whew, I know that it has been some time since I wrote a little update on the adventures of Artgirlz! A couple of people let me know that they have been watching!! That is the good news!
We worked until we went out the door to head to the airport for our trip to California and the Craft and Hobby Show...we had a little time before the show to get the booth up and organized and our class kits together! We were in Anahiem...Disney territory...palm trees and a strawberry field and fruit stand right across the street from our lovely hotel. We enjoyed fresh fruit, excellent Mexican food right down the street!!

Once the show started, it was nonstop talking, explaining, make it and taking it, showing, laughing, meeting new people, seeing friends and supporters, wheeling and dealing, teaching, drinking coffee, cleaning up areas, and making messes...It was a very good show for us and we have so much work to do, it is hard to take it all in. I am practicing staying in the moment and trusting that we will handle all of the goodies heading our way! We are grateful for all of the folks that took the time to come by!

After the show we headed to Laguna Beach for a couple of days to rest and relax...well, kind of...On the way we stopped to check out The Santa Ana...many people had mentioned it to us at the show. It was a great source of interesting art "stuff", and a beautiful studio space that can be used to make wonderful things from their great stuff....Above is the sun setting behind Catalina on our first night in Laguna taken from the huge front window of our lovely rented beach house. A short walk to the right on the beach would take us right into town.

The next few mornings, we watched the full moon set out that same window...

Now, it is Thursday evening in freezing Rhode Island and we are heading to England (also freezing I understand) next Wednesday evening. Just a few large projects to finish before we get on the to have some dinner and another Artgirlz regroup meeting! Dreaming of Taco Loco!