Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I think that I already mentioned that our new shopping cart is up and running and I am very happy that it is still going very smoothly! For your creative pleasure, we are offering two Artgirlz Special Bundles of goodies at The first collection, The Hope Bundle, includes rubber stamps, accordion book, papers, fibers, wings and charms. Secondly, we have beautiful goodies for crown making. It is fun, easy and a great group project!!! To make it even easier, we have a page of Artgirl suggestions that can be downloaded! I mean how much fun are these girlz having!!

Speaking of fun, Midge and Al are still in sunny but I understand cool Florida. They seem to be enjoying the family, the sunshine, and their private condo getaway! Back here at World Headquarters, the troops are busy putting things together, sending out orders, making up new things, slinging ideas around, and generally moving things forward. I am very grateful to them all!!

Hope, Yes Hope!!!! Here is the Hope sign to replace the ripped off Obama sign and my always able and willing sidekick Sue. It was rather drizzly when we hiked around the fence to put it up, but it is still on the fence and that is good news!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Whew, the new shopping cart went live last night and I am hoping that the transition is smooth!
So far, so good! It has taken many hours of tweaking photos, making new graphics, going over and over to make sure everything is hooked up properly. Time will tell! Thanks N.B. for guiding us along! So, check out the new Artgirlz look...

Midge and Al left for Florida early this morning and will be relaxing and celebrating Midge's dad's 90th B'day!!! We'll see if they return...

Sue and I are here holding down the fort with the support of our loyal workers! I can say how much I appreciate the work that everyone does around here to keep us going! Speaking of workers, we've had a new crew of pin makers come in this week and learn the ins and outs of our "Weird Sisters", "Menopausal Mavens" etc. Linda is the Boss of the Pins and she did a fine job leading everyone through the paces. It is good to have a group of lovelies helping to spread Artgirlz energy!

We seem to have an abundance of red roving, so Linda, Jo and I are trying to come up with some exciting projects for the world stay tuned! And just wanted to share this pair of snow people that were made at Quilt Market by a talented couple visiting from Europe. Love to watch folks work!

Made a new sign to put up on the fence..."HOPE". Sue thinks it will get ripped down again. I will get photos when we get it in place! Keep on keepin on!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

We are all very happy around here since the election of our new president!! Will get a new sign up to replace the stolen Obama masterpiece! Still chewing around ideas for the special word...
Al and I went to Quilt Market for a couple of days to help Brewer Quilting and Sewing Supplies....They are carrying most of our Product so we were support services in the Artgirlz section. They made beautiful signs for us and gave us an A+ spot on the main isle! We saw some of our old buddies like Tina Givens ,who by the way always looks so beautifully put together as is her work(pictured on the left with Al)!

Then who walked into our area but Mr. Jay McCarroll of Project Runway fame and fortune! (See photo above with Miss Al) Jay has a new line of fabric with Westminister and the women were just wild for autographs and photo ops! His lovely sisters seemed to have the big job of being his handlers!!

We had a great "School House". It was basically and infomercial for shop owners for our goods. It was there that we met Andree (L)and Wendy (R), representing Happiness is Quilting in McKinney, Texas! We were all gleeful to meet each other and hope to head that way sometime to teach! Hi Girlz...
The weather was lovely in Houston as was the completed park right outside of the Convention Center. I missed being at Festival this year, but heard it was wonderful as usual!

We came home to the news that our first chicken became hawk food and the rest turned out to be roosters.
We now have a whole new chicken family. Check out The Green Girlz Blog for farming updates...they aren't done yet!

Holiday Ideas!
We are gearing up with samples and suggestions to inspire hands and minds as the Holiday Season approaches. Above is a garland that Linda put together for us. It has a family of snow people threaded onto mixed yarns and further embellished with yarn and ripped strips of cloth!
I put up a new slide show on this site this morning on the upper right hand side of this page. If you click on any of the slide shows in the side bar, it will take you to a page with larger images... Pictured below is one of our 3.5cm beads that has rolled onto an embossing pad and sprinkled with embossing glitter. I hit it with a heat gun to melt the glitter and added a bit of ribbon on the top. With an additional ribbon or thread, they could be hung on the tree or mantle. Smaller versions would top off a beautiful package! Have fun with them and experiment with the goodies in your own stash!!!

Midge and Al are off to sell Artgirlz goodies at a quilt show this weekend in Hartsdale, NY. If you are in the area stop by and check it out!