Wednesday, March 10, 2010

 WOW it's March. 
It has been cold here in Florida and no one from up north wants to hear my complaining. 
But I didn't move far away from those I love to have cold weather here in sunny Florida.
I have been busy entering information into Artgirlz books to be able to close them soon. 
It is still a bit sad except the extra time I have to do creative stuff. 
Imagine that. 

Midge and I loved going to estate sales when we first moved here.
Bargains usually abound because the kids want to sell all their parents junk and get back home. 
One of our first finds was this mid century chair we purchased for a $1. 
We refer to it as our dollar chair.

Well, in perfect Artgirl style, not knowing what I was doing, 
I reupholstered the dollar chair.
I painted the legs and arms black.
I covered the icky old chair with polyfil and then covered that with muslin. 
That allowed me to work out some of the problems. 

Not being patient was one of the them. 
Not having enough fabric was another. 
Tracy and I rarely buy more than a half yard. 
But with the help of Google I found more fabric at  Cia's Palette.
She even had the heavier weight I was looking for. 

The red cotton ball fringe was the perfect kitschy topping. 

I also wanted to add some of the color from chair to the rest of the living room 
so I worked up this big pillow with a giant flower.
It still needs some finishing touches like filling 
and definitely some red ball fringe.