Friday, August 29, 2008

Whew, trying to get pics up from last weeks farmers market before we go back this morning! It is tasting day in Charlestown, with vendors offering tid bits for the shoppers. Although it is hard to believe, it is also Labor Day Weekend. How did that happen??? Sue and I went to check out the market at Casey Farm in Saunderstown, RI on Saturday. Known as the Coastal Growers Market, we will be there with our goodies next week providing glue, paper and crayons for the kiddies!!

We worked very hard here at the Artgirlz Farm! Sue and Al checked the bees. We will be harvesting honey soon! We pulled down so many bull briars, removed poison ivy, scrubby brush and tiny trees to help keep the mosquitoes down, and open up the back! Midge worked on the chicken coop, making a safe and healthy little yard! They are growing so quickly and getting used to all of their mothers!

As mentioned, I made a big Obama sign to put on the fence and have been reprimanded by the Building Inspector. Haven't had time to take it down.......or cut it into 4ft sections...

We have decided to get a new Shopping Cart for our online store, so there will be a new look to that portion of the website very soon!!! so it's off to get some chow, head to the farmers market and do some Artgirlz Brainstorming!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freedom of Speech?

It is quiet at Artgirlz Nation at the moment. Things will start moving more quickly as the minutes tick by. I have been prepping images this week for the next post. We worked our butts off last weekend pulling poison ivy, prickery vines that grow up through trees, cutting brush, tweaking the chicken coop, etc. I also took a used drop cloth, house paint from the cupboard and made a big Obama sign for our very long fence that faces the road.

So who shows up yesterday at lunch time but the building inspector telling me that I have to take the sign down because it is too big. I questioned the private property issue and that didn't work.
It seems that you can only have political signs up for 60 days prior to the election and that they can be no bigger than 16 sq ft.

So we are sitting tight for the moment...
in the mean time, take every opportunity to express your self!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We had the nicest time last Friday at the Charlestown Farmers Market. Midge had talked with a couple of folks about setting up a table and doing arty things with the kids! We were right next to our buddies George and Cathy Hill of Indigo Farm. The weather was a bit iffy at the start, but it turned into a wonderful morning for all that attended! The girlz had packed up Artgirlz goodies, glue sticks, scissors, felt pieces and some official product. We set up a little table with the supplies and Midge started recruiting the kiddies! It was an amazing feeding frenzy with glue sticks flying around, paper and felt stuck in just the right place, words and shapes applied with love!

Cathy Hill, mentioned above, is not only a most wonderful grower, but an inspiring yoga teacher and member of the dance group "Ladies of the Rolling Pin". The Ladies and their families were hosting the British version of themselves, "The Wreckers". They all danced at the Market and added a festive international flair! They went on to entertain folks all over the state!

Having the community Farmer's Market a half mile from our house is an amazing gift! It has a wonderful warm feeling and has been a place to meet local farmers, bee keepers, mushroom growers, purveyors of sea food, interesting neighbors and new friends! We never leave without a couple of bags filled to the brim with beautiful goods to add to our CSA! By showing up and sharing our glue sticks, we were invited to the Coastal Growers Market, Peacedale Peace Festival, and The Alternative Food Cooperative.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Had the slightest hint of Fall the other day. Just some little smell in the air, change of wind direction, quality of the light, darkness coming a bit earlier every day. With that in mind, we have put together some ideas for the Pumpkin, Ghost and Witch events that are heading our way. All ideas are suggestions only and ready for additions and alterations! This Spidie has been hanging out on my desk seemingly exhausted!

We have a Ghost and Witch Pin Bundle for sale on our website that will get you set up for making these little characters...Not to be missed is the lovely bag of Wool Felt Beads for your Pumpkin and Spider making pleasure!! Check out the simple directions for these Projects...great for a girlfriend getaway weekend, party prep or activity with the kids, presents for the grandkids...We'd love to see what you did!

Download Directions from the Artgirlz What's New Page:
Ghosts and Witches
Pumpkins and Spiders


Insert little bead into the mini cone and push up towards the top of the cone to create a head.

Stitch the gauze onto the cone just under the head at the neck.

Stitch little hands onto the side of cone.

Add facial features with black thread, tiny felt shapes, beads, needle felting or permanent marking pen!!

Sew or hot glue pin back onto the back of your Ghost.

Here is Witchy being rescued from evil forces by her Spider Friends!
Picked up three more chicks last Thursday to go with little Miss #1 Chickie...Midge and I went back to the Washington County Fair to find them. They are smaller than their other sister! I have to say you just want to sit and watch them peep around their little area. They like their house much better now than they did the first night!

It is a beautiful day today and hope to get a lot of good stuff done! Hoping to get the newsletter ready to go for tomorrow! Been working on setting up my new fancy iphone...I feel very grateful and spoiled!!! Here is a picture taken with said phone of Allison and our talented, prolific Linda Willis starting off the day at Artgirlz Nation.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yesterday was filled with deliveries here at Artgirlz Nation! Felt Arrived from Nepal. Our new Freezer arrived to fill up with goodies for the winter. Speaking of winter, our pellet stove arrived and was installed...

The best thing was a little munchkin that arrived to go with our Chicken Coop! Midge and Al headed for the Washington County Fair first thing in the morning and pick up a 6 week old Blue Silkie...we haven't settled on a name yet: China Blue, Twitch, FeFe are a few of the options! Off to the fair again this morning to get her a sister! I let her out this morning and she immediately found and chowed a juicy worm!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Good Folks at Cloth Paper Scissors are pre-selling Cate Prato's "Mixed Media Self Portraits". The books will be available in October and will make great Holiday Gifts!!! There is a link on that page that will offer you a sneak peak inside of the Book...My sis and I have work in the Book and can't Wait to see it!

Spent all day Monday working on Picasa Slide shows of Artgirlz Samples and Needle Felting 101! You can watch them on the Side Bar of this Blog or click on the images on the right and they will take you to the Picasa Site. Will continue to add to the visuals for Ideas and Instructions!!

Happy to say that the links page is settled thanks to our Faithful Web Queen! Thanks Norma for fixing all of my code issues!!

Off for some breaky and more work!!
Keep Making Great Things!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I thought that my link project on the website went well yesterday until my son Don who works for Adobe called this morning to tell me that all of the links went to Margot Potters site. Love you Margot! So then I tried to fix it and Norma our web person is going to be so annoyed with me for trying to "fix" code....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We are back from the Bernina excitement in Kansas City, MO and the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA. I actually got some work done today. I am also feeling like a Bubble Girl stuck in the Bubble House due to an unbelievable number of voracious mosquitoes buzzing around our estate!

Bernina introduced with great enthusiasm their new, fancy most amazing sewing machine, The 8 Series. I think my sister bought her first house for the same cost, but for folks that have the dough, it is a beauty!

We met a lot of great new stitchers, did our first-fourth powerpoint presentations which were included in our class and lecture schedule, had delicious frozen custard, and perhaps russled up a few more official converts to Artgirlz Nation. It was less stressful that the having your own booth! Didn't see much of Kansas City, MO except through our 29th floor window. Hallmark world headquarters was in the middle of the view.

Then onto Long Beach for the International Quilt Festival. We stayed with Lisa Engelbrecht (above) who was a very gracious host! We were very excited to Lisa's new book and were very grateful to receive one of our own. We were joined by Traci Bautista (below) who is always entertaining with tails of the gypsy life, teaching, storage units, 100 lb. suitcases and generally trying to figure it all out like the rest of us!

The show was great with crowds lining up the first morning and filling the aisles and consuming the too small amount of food that was brought into the venue for all of those hungry women!

We sold lots of wool beads and charms. Saw old friends, met new ones, had a lot of laughs...One of my new favorites was Justin, the very charming son of our rubber stamp maker, Harry Ortiz. He looked better than anyone in The Artgirlz Crown!

Thanks to Lisa, Traci, Sarah, the girlz at Brewer and Bernina for making it a great trip! It only took us about 4 daze to recover. I am happy to say that this morning, after 4 years of have 3 links on our website, I added a bunch!!!!! Hope to keep up that good work!