Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We had the nicest time last Friday at the Charlestown Farmers Market. Midge had talked with a couple of folks about setting up a table and doing arty things with the kids! We were right next to our buddies George and Cathy Hill of Indigo Farm. The weather was a bit iffy at the start, but it turned into a wonderful morning for all that attended! The girlz had packed up Artgirlz goodies, glue sticks, scissors, felt pieces and some official product. We set up a little table with the supplies and Midge started recruiting the kiddies! It was an amazing feeding frenzy with glue sticks flying around, paper and felt stuck in just the right place, words and shapes applied with love!

Cathy Hill, mentioned above, is not only a most wonderful grower, but an inspiring yoga teacher and member of the dance group "Ladies of the Rolling Pin". The Ladies and their families were hosting the British version of themselves, "The Wreckers". They all danced at the Market and added a festive international flair! They went on to entertain folks all over the state!

Having the community Farmer's Market a half mile from our house is an amazing gift! It has a wonderful warm feeling and has been a place to meet local farmers, bee keepers, mushroom growers, purveyors of sea food, interesting neighbors and new friends! We never leave without a couple of bags filled to the brim with beautiful goods to add to our CSA! By showing up and sharing our glue sticks, we were invited to the Coastal Growers Market, Peacedale Peace Festival, and The Alternative Food Cooperative.

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