Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freedom of Speech?

It is quiet at Artgirlz Nation at the moment. Things will start moving more quickly as the minutes tick by. I have been prepping images this week for the next post. We worked our butts off last weekend pulling poison ivy, prickery vines that grow up through trees, cutting brush, tweaking the chicken coop, etc. I also took a used drop cloth, house paint from the cupboard and made a big Obama sign for our very long fence that faces the road.

So who shows up yesterday at lunch time but the building inspector telling me that I have to take the sign down because it is too big. I questioned the private property issue and that didn't work.
It seems that you can only have political signs up for 60 days prior to the election and that they can be no bigger than 16 sq ft.

So we are sitting tight for the moment...
in the mean time, take every opportunity to express your self!!!!!!!

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chick-er-doodles said...

omg: Whether I'm for OBAMA or not really isn't the point... BUT a girl should get to paint just anything she'd like on her own fence for heavens sake... AND I really don't believe your "drop-cloth" really is a political post -- It should be classified as art, don't ya think?? like a worhol painting (of sorts.) then it wouldn't fall under any sign rules?? Anyway, girls, don't take down the art, add a soup can or somethin.