Monday, January 28, 2008

I had someone write and ask what we would be doing for our altered clothing classes at: International Quilt Festival/Chicago
April 11-13, 2008
Rosemont, Illinois and International Quilt Festival/Long Beach
July 25-27 , 2008
Long Beach, California
so I told her that I would post some photo's. The pic above was taken last summer and the polka dot dress was purchased at a thrift store in Portland. I added a new border at the bottom, new straps and machine appliqued the words, and flowers.It is simply a matter of pulling images from fabric and reassembling it.

We are asking folks to bring a jacket or pair of pants to work on. The jacket would be easier without a lining. We will undo the seams of the pants...hopefully ahead of time.

On the right is a detail of Al's pants. This shows some use of a bleach pen for the words. She then outlined the words with embroidery thread. The collage of flowers and leaves were made up from our fabric stash. They are all machine appliqued while the seam was out of the pant leg.

The section below was also done with a bleach pen and after it was thoroughly rinsed and dried, it was embroidered with floss.

Here are a couple of more samples...

These goodies were featured in the Fall issue of Make it Mine Magazine...."Make It Mine is a craft magazine that shows you how to spice up your stuff--clothes, accessories and home--with fun, quick and easy projects." Check it out! In our class, we will be using fabric collage, paints, rubber stamps, and stitching to make something truly yours!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Here is a lovely love wall hanging by our Lovely Linda! She has incorporated Artgirlz Felt Hearts, pewter charms, mini wool beads, and our rubber stamps on shrink plastic!!! Nice job as usual...She has also mixed and sewed paper and fabric together..add yarns, beads, twigs and how can a girl go wrong!

We were very lucky to have received a surprise package from Nancy Smith....Great American Quilt Factory in addition to yummy holiday sweets, we received two "slap bracelet" pin cushions...Useful and very cool! A great way to use our 3.5cm Big Beads! Thanks Nancy, we appreciate your support very much!!

New products coming very soon!!
Looking forward to a haircut!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Well, it is a humble beginning, but here is our first Artgirlz video...Sue, Rosie and Tracy practicing in front of our Mac Movie Maker in my fancy new computer...

I wanted to report that we found the lost email...referred to in the last message...and have sent it off to David!!!

Still busy with some great new samples to post!

Will try in the morning...we have some great samples of our new Big Bags with colorful needle felting!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is a very important message we are putting out into the world. Someone sent us an email about David F...being an old friend from college and we can't find the message...too much cleaning out of the emails and we feel very badly so we are hoping that you come back to check and we can continue that hook up. We are so sorry, because we know how you feel!!

So other than that very frustrating event, it has been another Day Here at Artgirlz Nation with our Patriots going to the Super Bowl and the catalog just about done...I am going to try to put a little video into this message. I have "PhotoBooth" on my fancy new Mac and you can make movies right at your desk. Not much of what I do at my desk would be very interesting...
?&$#? was a bust...keep getting an error message...oh well...

oh, the image above is from our new inchie stamps that will be here very soon!

Off to make dinner for the girlzzzzzzz...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Greetings from Artgirlz World Headquarters...we are trying to get UPC codes onto packaging but our software doesn't seem to want to do anything but let's do a blog posting I thought...

Getting ready for two overlapping shows...catalogs etc. I probably said that last time and it will probably be the case until we go out of the door. We have some new kits and products that are so freakin cute!! They will be posted as soon as we take care of all of the details.

This is another lovely creature that was put together by Artgirl Linda Willis! She always comes to work with a bag of new creations that never fail to thrill and amaze us! We are hoping that she continues to come to work!!!! She is constructed from one of our cones and a 3.5 cm bead for her head. The nose is a mini bead sewn onto her face. This concept could go in many many directions!!!

Can't wait for football this weekend!!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Morning and Happy New Year! It was 6 degrees when I headed to my computer this morning. That is about 70 degrees lower than my personal comfort zone!! At least we won't be getting 10 feet of snow this weekend like some spots in California!!

The holidaze blew by and included a 60th birthday! We had a lot of laughs with Gabe's (Al's grandson) Wii...Who would have imagined that we were so out of shape that the four of us had very sore arm muscles after a 48 hour trip into computer tennis, bowling, golf and boxing!! I spent a lot of time going thru boxes of old pictures and rid of many, many things...what a relief! Still lots of piles sitting around waiting for a place to live.

We are busy as usual, trying to catch up on over due projects. One of them is for Bernina, so we have been working with our loaner machine and we are loving the stitch regulator! Allison made beautiful pieced faces that will sit in the middle of the little quilt. The stitch regulator is an amazing piece of engineering! You can do free motion quilting...getting even stitches at any speed without using a presser foot....As I worked on the machine, I felt like I was building new brain connections!! That is always good!

Working on finalizing new products, dealing with the rise in metal costs, making lists of things we need for next months bead show in Tuscon and CHA in Anaheim, figuring out web issues, catalogs, cards, blogs, etc....

These wonderful Snow People were created by Linda Willis. We were very lucky to meet Linda in New Hampshire last summer and were thrilled to find out she lives in our neighborhood...basically. She gets what we do and love and want to share with the world and comes to work with new projects that she's just whipped up!! We are very grateful to have her working on our team. You will be seeing more of her work!!

Am hoping to post more often, meet deadlines for everyone, do yoga, take my vitamins, stay calm and open!!! Hoping all of you reach some of the goals on your lists!!!