Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, it is a humble beginning, but here is our first Artgirlz video...Sue, Rosie and Tracy practicing in front of our Mac Movie Maker in my fancy new computer...

I wanted to report that we found the lost email...referred to in the last message...and have sent it off to David!!!

Still busy with some great new samples to post!

Will try in the morning...we have some great samples of our new Big Bags with colorful needle felting!!


Catherine said...

oh my gosh you crack me up!!

Belinda said...

you guys are just so funny, I'm cracking up. Belinda

The Dreaming Bear said...

You girls are cutie patooties. Are you going to be attending the Milwaukee Bead and Button show in June? I'll be there, taking a class from my buddy, Jen, with Jangles. Ceramic bead making! I think they'll be cool with your felt beads and charms. Can't wait!
We love your journals...selling like hotcakes! Love, Dori at The Dreaming Bear