Friday, December 29, 2006

Birthdays and Christmas came and went quickly and in a fairly smooth manner. The girlz hosted a lovely Christmas Eve gathering with a mix of our kids, a former husband, grandchildren, parents enjoying each other and tasty treats!
Don surprised Sue and I with the gift of Victor! Victor, sculpted from marble, is keeping everything in order in the winter garden. We will be preparing a proper place for him this spring! There was a slight snag on Christmas Day when one of the parental units went flying down the cellar stairs. It was one of those things that made your stomach flip flop and sink! Three hours later, we were all sitting with the family, including the patient (bruised and stitched above the eye) a bit subdued, but enjoying good food and gifts.

I did receive a video camera for my birthday, and we are dreaming about Artgirlz mini movies...I haven't had the time to look at the instruction booklet yet, so it might be a while before our first masterpiece is released...

Above, are images of our second group of rubber stamps. They are being produced right now, and should be here next week. We have samples in the house so I hope to stamp a bit this weekend!

Al and I are trying to stay somewhat calm with the huge piles of work that are sitting in front and around us. CHA is just around the corner followed by some work and play in England right after our return from California...Looking forward to seeing London and Mr. and Mrs. PaperArtsy and children!

Better go to work!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It is sunny and 25 much for our fake spring here in New England! Had a very nice Artgirlz Holiday Party! Relaxing and delicious! Now it is preparing for the festive weekend. We are having an Artgirlz Play Day tomorrow with our loyal workers...looking forward to having some fun myself...

Wanted to share the image of Lady Chatelaine • Scissors Holder • Pincushion...made and sent to us by Doll Makers Journey...She is seeing the world thru an Artgirlz Girl Face...Thanks Mary Ann!

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us this year...those of you that have shopped, sent wonderful pictures and encouraging messages. We are looking forward to an exciting '07 ...building Artgirlz Nation...

Stay calm and enjoy the next couple of weeks!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have to say that we have been so excited seeing the things that our Artgirl sisters are making around the world!! Since we can't seem to find the time to make much these days, it is gratifying and inspiring to see the creativity flowing all over the place. With heart, humor and skill we have seen paper, metal, wood, paint, stamps, found objects put together in wildly different shapes and styles!!

The mini beads have been ordered! We had so many orders, that we are out of them already. Hope to have them back up right after Christmas!!

Just sent our second set of rubber stamps to be produced! Just sent class proposals off for the 2007 Houston Quilt Festival. Artgirlz Holiday Party on Saturday! Got to go and get to work on the new catalog.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Greetings from Artgirlz Nation. It is very cold and windy, but it is Fun Friday again...last night as we drove home from the Foundry opening, we were going over the long list of "little" things we need to do today before we get to the fun portion of the program. The goal for today prior to the real fun is to get our newsletter out. Many details to get in order before getting it out, but I think we are there. I am about to do the deed!

We want to introduce Artgirlz Rubber Stamps and the Doll Backs that were created to make little dolls. We will have directions, but in the mean time, here are some pictures to guide you along the way.

The image above is the end product of the visual steps that follow. I worked up five different combos of stamped dresses and the doll backs. Depending on the shape of the dress, the backs will need to be trimmed a bit.

Once you have your dress and back decorated, make two holes at the bottom of the back for the legs. We are very lucky to have a Japanese Screw Punch that makes quick work of hole making. Attach the legs with brads...also refered to as paper fasteners..
Place dress on top of doll back, line them up and trim as needed. Make sure that you have "shoulder" space on both pieces, for this is where they will be held together with the arms and brads.

With the two layers together, make holes at the shoulder for the arms. Attach the arms with the brads...put brad through the arm and the two layers of paper. Open the brads in the back to secure. Glue the head onto the "neck" section of the back! Enjoy! Make another one. Send one to a friend. Put them on your tree...