Friday, December 08, 2006

Greetings from Artgirlz Nation. It is very cold and windy, but it is Fun Friday again...last night as we drove home from the Foundry opening, we were going over the long list of "little" things we need to do today before we get to the fun portion of the program. The goal for today prior to the real fun is to get our newsletter out. Many details to get in order before getting it out, but I think we are there. I am about to do the deed!

We want to introduce Artgirlz Rubber Stamps and the Doll Backs that were created to make little dolls. We will have directions, but in the mean time, here are some pictures to guide you along the way.

The image above is the end product of the visual steps that follow. I worked up five different combos of stamped dresses and the doll backs. Depending on the shape of the dress, the backs will need to be trimmed a bit.

Once you have your dress and back decorated, make two holes at the bottom of the back for the legs. We are very lucky to have a Japanese Screw Punch that makes quick work of hole making. Attach the legs with brads...also refered to as paper fasteners..
Place dress on top of doll back, line them up and trim as needed. Make sure that you have "shoulder" space on both pieces, for this is where they will be held together with the arms and brads.

With the two layers together, make holes at the shoulder for the arms. Attach the arms with the brads...put brad through the arm and the two layers of paper. Open the brads in the back to secure. Glue the head onto the "neck" section of the back! Enjoy! Make another one. Send one to a friend. Put them on your tree...


yarnpunk said...

Thank you for bringing fun, inspiration and whimsy to paper arts- and to our shop! We love that we are able to offer local artists and crafters unique and original materials- and our customers let us know that they really appreciate it... Artgirlz is here to stay!

Congrats on your new line of rubber stamps- I've got mine ordered!

Jen Crossley said...

This is so cute I love your new stuff

Shashi said...

I love this it is wonderful.