Friday, August 31, 2007

It is the Friday before Labor Day...August was looking thru the summer issue of Quilting Arts Magazine and was amazed at the beautiful work that is being created out there in the world! Maybe this weekend we will have time...or take the time to play with all of the materials that are hanging around here just waiting to be manipulated!

While we were in New Hampshire at the quilt show, I finally took felting needle and roving to one of our big beads! Sue was worried that I was going to take someones eye out...I was walking around with my project and waving the scary felting needle around as I interacted with our customers! JoAnn Rupert, our loyal, hard working employee and sister stitcher was quickly going thru needles...snapping off the fragile working end as she earnestly built a garden on her bead. She searched the show for roving, finding suitable Artgirl colors. "Call your sister and have her order roving!!!" That's our Jo!

Will get a picture of the work Al whipped up on a wool bag. Look out!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Greetings from Artgirlz Nation! This summer has been ridiculously speedy...I can hardly believe that it is going to be September at the end of the week. The mosquitoes are having their own Woodstock around here. The gardens are very dry and crying for water. The bees are very busy. We had two juvenile hawks learning how to take a bath in our pond on Sunday...and it is dark at 8 o'clock...The photo above was taken at a Pow Wow in Charlestown, RI...

We've had a busy month traveling to Vermont for a festive family gathering, then to Manchester, New Hampshire for the Mancuso's Quilt Show (Sue and JoAnn are ready for the masses) and finally off to Cleveland to do some wheeling and dealing! If you are in the Northampton, MA area, check out Valley Fabrics, owned by one of our new best friends from the quilt show, Francesca DenHartog. Our best Artgirlz customer was young April seen here on the left. She was helping her grandmother Nhia Lo who was selling beautiful Hmong bags. Because our booth was in an Arctic zone we bought beautiful scarves from Usha Berlin's Handloom Batiks. Usha is quite the wonderful individual and it was soothing to be in her presence!
Two wonderful women from Conn that were attending the the show, carried on their own class in their hotel room and showed up with these amazing pins. I missed their visit on Sunday and didn't realize how beautiful the pins were until yesterday. I am sorry that I don't have their names. Sue might be able to guide me to that information.. Thanks for the very good work!! Their pieces are seen below!

We will be heading for Absoulutely Everything in Topsfield MA the 7th and 8th of Sept....we will be doing little dolls with our charms and rubber stamps, a wool felt Christmas elf and an Artgirlz Bracelet...Contact Kate for details...

We will be heading back to Cleveland to do a 3 minute segment for the Quilting Arts PBS program hosted by the one and only Patricia Bolton. We are trying to get to the task of project preparation and trying not to think of how goonie we will be feeling on camera...maybe it will be the start of a whole new career. We have often talked about streaming live from the Artgirlz studio....
Oh, we will also be doing a segment for Diva Craft Lounge Wednesday September 5th...12:40 PST...that is a first for us!

October 19-21 Sue and I will be Artgirlz goodies at ArtFest to Nurture the Soul in Cromwell, CT. There are lots of classes set up and we are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new buddies!!

Then it is off to Quilt Market and Festival in Houston for two weeks...eeekkkk...writing this is making me very tired! That should be a fun filled, exhausting extravaganza!

I am happy that we almost have all of our wool in house to put our new kits and new bead sizes together. Customs has not been very cooperative!! Will be sending out a newsletter very soon to let everyone know that they are ready!! Off for some breakfast...