Friday, August 31, 2007

It is the Friday before Labor Day...August was looking thru the summer issue of Quilting Arts Magazine and was amazed at the beautiful work that is being created out there in the world! Maybe this weekend we will have time...or take the time to play with all of the materials that are hanging around here just waiting to be manipulated!

While we were in New Hampshire at the quilt show, I finally took felting needle and roving to one of our big beads! Sue was worried that I was going to take someones eye out...I was walking around with my project and waving the scary felting needle around as I interacted with our customers! JoAnn Rupert, our loyal, hard working employee and sister stitcher was quickly going thru needles...snapping off the fragile working end as she earnestly built a garden on her bead. She searched the show for roving, finding suitable Artgirl colors. "Call your sister and have her order roving!!!" That's our Jo!

Will get a picture of the work Al whipped up on a wool bag. Look out!!


Montesa said...

Love these! The face at the top is so cool!

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Holy Cow this site is wonderful in every way and I am listing it on my blog for all of my embellishing students! Thanks heavens someone passed this along...I needed to see your magic!
Mary Lou