Thursday, December 13, 2007

I know it's about time that I am finally getting to this task. We have been mildly usual since our return from Houston. We were home for a week and Al and I were lucky enough to be invited to a Bernina Teachers Retreat at their headquarters outside of Chicago. We were all (20) treated like royalty...everyone extremely grateful to be somewhere without piles of class kits, product, catalog sheets etc...just show up and learn about presser feet, needles and machine embroidery. Pictured above and taking a break from embroidered butterflies, is Allison with Rose DeBoer and Barb Sunderlage from Quilters Resource.

There was quite a range of talent present...pattern and clothing makers, beaders, machine quilting queens...applique, embroidery, cut work, on and on were the skills of this group. What's not to like about top of the line sewing machines, good teachers, lots of presents, snacks every two hours and lots of laughs??!!

Al and I went right from Bernina to a post Bar Mitzvah party just north of Chicago. It was with great pleasure that we surprised old friends and the grandparents of the Bar Mitzvah Boy, Ed and Shirlee Schwarz. It was a bounus to run into Shirlee right in the hotel lobby. It was a great ending to the weekend...sharing stories, meeting the other grandchildren, seeing Caroline and Tommy, good food and lots of laughs!

The morning after coming home from the Bernina festivities, I checked out our new studio space...the only thing that was in here was a little table with our loaner Bernina...I had to take this photo with the sun beams shining on the machine!!
Al was home for one day and then took off for LA with Midge to visit Midge's daughter for Thanksgiving.

Sue and I had a very relaxing Thanksgiving. We went for a walk (it was almost 60 degrees), went out to dinner with her parents, tore down the inside of the screened in porch, preparing for windows and then started hauling goodies into the lovely empty studio space. It quickly became filled with chaotic piles of fabrics, yarns, buttons, stamps, inks, paints, beads, office stuff, sewing machines, threads, needles, paper etc that we have been moving around, throwing out, making give away piles, moving some more....

We have done nothing since...moving everything around and around, adding a new computer, organizing new office spaces for Al and I, while trying to run the business. I am so grateful for our employees!!!!!! Below is the same pink space shown in the sewing machine picture above. Everyday we's coming along...

So now, one more week of the Foundry Show for those of you in the Providence, RI area. My first born arrives next Monday for a visit...Artgirlz Holiday party on stamps to finish, other new goodies for CHA '08, preparing for Tuscon...hoping to have creative time very soon!

Stay calm, festive and grateful!!!!!