Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My son Peter and his lovely girlfriend Karen got married last week in Newport on their 9th anniversary. It was a small, simple ceremony with the family weeping, smiling, and taking pictures of the event. The sun was setting and the fog came rolling in from the water but the view of the bay was beautiful. We found out about the wedding about 3 weeks ago...we were surprised, excited and grateful for the low stress (for the most part) style of the event. The two families had a great dinner at Vincents on the Pier...

Here is the happy group of family members after the high holy event!!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we had a great party for them at Ed (father of the groom) and Maggie's... their new place is between 2nd and 3rd Beach in Middletown so the views were amazing, families sharing food and stories, children playing, dogs doing their thing and some of us actually relaxing...below you can see the President of Artgirlz away from the books!!

And a very unexpected gift was meeting our new fashion idol!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sue's 50th Birthday is the third in the May High Holy Birthday Series! Things around here would not exsist in any familiar form without her! Those little hands have eaten tons of potato chips, moved tons of dirt and compost, spent many hours in the ocean, slapped on gallons and gallons of paint, promoted the healing of many hundreds of lucky individuals, put thousands of charms in bags...
She goes to work and brings home the bacon, goes and buys the bacon, takes out the trash, does the laundry on Sundays, makes sure the water filter is changed, that the cars are taken care of, pays the bills, does repairs, builds walls, loves to caulk, is good to her parents, and is very practical and clear thinking...
Happy Birthday, you are absolutely the best and appreciated beyond words!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to our youngest sister Beth! This is the second in a string of high level May b'days! She and Heather, sis # 3 live in Alaska and are probably both working on garden prep in one manner or another. We miss them both and would love to have a birthday blast with them!! From l-r above is the Birthday Girl Beth, Heather, Allison and Tracy...The picture was taken at Heather's college graduation in Eureka, CA many years ago...she just retired of all things! We were all in full hippie bloom!! So Happy Birthday Beth! We wish you a calm, healthy year one second at a time! xxxxxx

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Today is my friend M.T.'s birthday so I thought that I would link folks up to her latest film project "Atomic Mom" . It deals with her mothers experiences with atomic testing in the 50's. I recommend taking the time to check it out...

"Smartgirl Productions, along with the San Francisco Film Arts Foundation (fiscal sponsor), is producing Atomic Mom, a documentary portrait of an independent and strong woman, Pauline Silvia, whose ambition to do cutting-edge scientific research led her to conduct experiments that would haunt her many years later. In the 1950’s, Pauline worked in the Navy as a biologist in the Atomic Testing program conducted at the Nevada Test Site."

Nice work M.T. Happy Birthday!! We love and support you. You and Pauline are very brave!