Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My son Peter and his lovely girlfriend Karen got married last week in Newport on their 9th anniversary. It was a small, simple ceremony with the family weeping, smiling, and taking pictures of the event. The sun was setting and the fog came rolling in from the water but the view of the bay was beautiful. We found out about the wedding about 3 weeks ago...we were surprised, excited and grateful for the low stress (for the most part) style of the event. The two families had a great dinner at Vincents on the Pier...

Here is the happy group of family members after the high holy event!!

On Sunday, Mother's Day, we had a great party for them at Ed (father of the groom) and Maggie's... their new place is between 2nd and 3rd Beach in Middletown so the views were amazing, families sharing food and stories, children playing, dogs doing their thing and some of us actually relaxing...below you can see the President of Artgirlz away from the books!!

And a very unexpected gift was meeting our new fashion idol!

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corina said...

I can not see the photos, but I think it was a great day!