Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It is a couple of dayz until the garden tour, and the weather is supposed to be wonderful! We have done all that we can do to prepare and will just keep working on it. Hoping that our climbing rose will come out. It didn't bloom last's first year, but promises to be quite beautiful any day now. The girlz are still spreading mulch, touching up painted surfaces and creating new spaces...Looking forward to meeting the others at the Sat night pot luck! Al and Sue checking the bees...

Well, we made it thru Ranger U and had a great time meeting new people and seeing our old favorites! Knowing close to nothing about stamping, we had everything to learn. We worked madly, keeping up with sample production, snacks, meals, tips and general chatter. We had an official graduation and we are now feeling very in the know! Here we are with Tim Holtz and Robin Beam. We all had a project to produce and present to prove that we were most excellent presenters of Ranger information !

Off to the licensing show in NYC onMonday to check it out, take a couple of classes. Will be back in the studio on Thursday...
The new studio space in the basement is coming along...put in a snap together floor in 24 hours with the superior help of Son #1 from SF for a family reunion...will post the time elapsed photos of that project next week or so...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well, I am happy to announce that our new shopping cart is up and running and the only thing on the new website that doesn't seem to be working is the "What's New" page and I'm sure that
it can be figured out by our most helpful and patient web woman! Above, is Miss Allison on her newly (by her) painted bench and the beautiful pots. It has been raining like crazy and the flowers have been beaten down...Midge repainted the birdhouses and they look great! This is one of the garden areas at Midge and Al's house, just outside of the outdoor shower, tub spa area!

We are trying to get things done around here today, because we are leaving for Tinton NJ for Ranger U to learn about stamping with Robin Beam of Ranger Industries and Tim Holtz and 20 other creative will be great to use some new materials and learn some new techniques! We thought about studying on the way down to NJ because we don't know our dye inks from our alchohol inks...We put some goodie bags together, well, JoAnn one of our star employees actually put them together for give to everyone at the event. We will take pics and give a report when we bet back!

Just have to add one more picture of Aiden, the blessed granddaughter with her birthday cake!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fun Friday here at Artgirlz and I am hoping that the main event will be to get the new shopping cart done and the new site live...The new Scrapbook Retailer must be out, because we are getting iquiries about the felt...I will be thrilled to have that project finished! We saw our lawyer yesterday and we are officially Artgirlz Incorporated! My sis is the Pres, Treas so on top of my VP, Sec job, I have taken on the title of Chief Lifestyle Officer...someone has to do it!

We put alot of product together this week. We need goodies for our CHA Summer Class, classes we are doing this summer, and Ranger U, and Houston. We are very lucky to have an excellent staff that takes care of a million details! I am very grateful for that situation! We had an informal meeting last night going over all of the issues that need further development...sales, new product, business plan, old product, shows, hurricane prep, money...

We received this beautiful photo from Mark and Leandra at PaperArtsy. They are smart, savvy, clever and I love what they have done with our charms and images! We are excited that we will see Leandra in NJ next week and will miss Mark who will be taking care of business and children!

The garden tour is in two weeks, and it is supposed to rain on Saturday...we can take the rain time to tape the new walls in the basement...that will be a big job! Just a couple of pics of Al's grandchildren Gabe and Aiden, taken at the Memorial Day Parade/Aidens 4th Birthday Party.
Here is the birthday girl striking a pose with her new bracelet...Gabe is with his girlfriend Sam and young Noah chewing on chips as the parade goes by!