Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well, I am happy to announce that our new shopping cart is up and running and the only thing on the new website that doesn't seem to be working is the "What's New" page and I'm sure that
it can be figured out by our most helpful and patient web woman! Above, is Miss Allison on her newly (by her) painted bench and the beautiful pots. It has been raining like crazy and the flowers have been beaten down...Midge repainted the birdhouses and they look great! This is one of the garden areas at Midge and Al's house, just outside of the outdoor shower, tub spa area!

We are trying to get things done around here today, because we are leaving for Tinton NJ for Ranger U to learn about stamping with Robin Beam of Ranger Industries and Tim Holtz and 20 other creative will be great to use some new materials and learn some new techniques! We thought about studying on the way down to NJ because we don't know our dye inks from our alchohol inks...We put some goodie bags together, well, JoAnn one of our star employees actually put them together for give to everyone at the event. We will take pics and give a report when we bet back!

Just have to add one more picture of Aiden, the blessed granddaughter with her birthday cake!

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