Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It is a most beautiful day here in Little latest office area is on what was a screened in porch and was done over with windows and heat last fall...not too shabby. Windows all around. Can see the bees, the chicken coop and if I turn to the right, I can see and hear the pond and waterfall!!

So many things have happened since my last post! Allison, Linda and I went to Somers, NY a couple of weeks ago to do a quilt show. We had heard nothing but wonderful things about it, and it was as lovely as we had heard. We had a booth set up to sell Artgirlz Goodies, and we gave two presentations. They seemed to go well, but of course I thought of a million things that I would change if we were to do it again! The hard working women that put the show together were gracious and helpful. Hopefully we will get invited back! The quilts in the show were very good. The work was wonderful, thoughtful, creative, and inspiring!!

Midge and Allison spent last week packing up a POD with all of their stuff! It was amazing that all of that stuff came out of this house and we still have plenty of stuff left here. Now they are waiting for the POD to arrive in Florida and then they can unpack it into their new place....exhausting.
But, they are excited about getting set up! Sue and I moved furniture and rugs around last weekend to fill in the gaps! It is very strange in our quiet house!

We spent last week helping Cathy, George and Dan get ready for their plant sale. We stuck a lot of nicely painted price tag/tongue depressors into plants. Moved things around. Put up Signs. Weeded and cleaned up paths. Had lovely lunches and the Sale was a huge success! It was crazed for the first two hours. As things slowly calmed down, plants marched home with happy shoppers, pizza was served from the outdoor pizza oven and it seemed like hundreds of home made biscotti disappeared from the scene!!