Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Morning and Happy New Year! It was 6 degrees when I headed to my computer this morning. That is about 70 degrees lower than my personal comfort zone!! At least we won't be getting 10 feet of snow this weekend like some spots in California!!

The holidaze blew by and included a 60th birthday! We had a lot of laughs with Gabe's (Al's grandson) Wii...Who would have imagined that we were so out of shape that the four of us had very sore arm muscles after a 48 hour trip into computer tennis, bowling, golf and boxing!! I spent a lot of time going thru boxes of old pictures and rid of many, many things...what a relief! Still lots of piles sitting around waiting for a place to live.

We are busy as usual, trying to catch up on over due projects. One of them is for Bernina, so we have been working with our loaner machine and we are loving the stitch regulator! Allison made beautiful pieced faces that will sit in the middle of the little quilt. The stitch regulator is an amazing piece of engineering! You can do free motion quilting...getting even stitches at any speed without using a presser foot....As I worked on the machine, I felt like I was building new brain connections!! That is always good!

Working on finalizing new products, dealing with the rise in metal costs, making lists of things we need for next months bead show in Tuscon and CHA in Anaheim, figuring out web issues, catalogs, cards, blogs, etc....

These wonderful Snow People were created by Linda Willis. We were very lucky to meet Linda in New Hampshire last summer and were thrilled to find out she lives in our neighborhood...basically. She gets what we do and love and want to share with the world and comes to work with new projects that she's just whipped up!! We are very grateful to have her working on our team. You will be seeing more of her work!!

Am hoping to post more often, meet deadlines for everyone, do yoga, take my vitamins, stay calm and open!!! Hoping all of you reach some of the goals on your lists!!!

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BaileyZimmerman said...

Allison & Tracy...What a great blog!
Thanks for the bright spot in my I have to go through all of your archives.
Kinda like playing detective. I'm trying to figure out where you live...looks like the NW...but, I'll continue my search.
I also have a blog...when you have a minute, please take a look.
Cheers to you girlz...Have a great new year!!