Tuesday, June 01, 2010

OMG, I can't believe that it is June 1st...and we haven't checked in here since March...Did more inside painting and have been sculpting the garden most recently. I've actually had time to sit down at my sewing machine and stitch!!! What a miracle!! And, I had fun and satisfaction!!

Sue and I went to NYC with our friend MT Silvia to see a sneak preview of her movie "Atomic Mom". It prompted me to finally do the jacket that I promised her. She had a great light weight wool jacket that I stitched the name of the movie, text from the website and a picture of her mom. All were pleased with the results and the movie is an amazing piece of work! Check out her website if you haven't already!! There is also a trailer for the movie on YouTube!! Nice work MT! 

I had fun doing a "found by the side of the road" chair for Sue's B'day but I haven't taken any pics of it yet. I am getting ready to go to NH for 3 day event...Squam Art Workshops. I am very excited to just be taking some classes, relaxing, meeting new peeps...no teaching, no selling for a change. It is hard to leave my girl, the chickens and the gardens but I think it is a good thing!

Will take pics of the chair and post it. It is one of my favorite things...


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Thanks a million for posting, I have been checking in hoping you were to happy and too budy to post!! Kaz - Western Australia

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