Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This is my third attemp to post some Artgirlz news today. My other two were lost in cyberspace, much to my dismay. So with new energy, I will try again. Above is the current state of Midges' shed. With a bit of early help from Don, she was off, creating a 2nd story deck on the back, side garden and rocky front patio. With the Charlestown Garden Tour (to raise money for the library) only 6 weeks away, the four of us have been shoveling dirt, mulch, moving plants and rocks, buying and sharing plants, painting, staining on and on...Sue and I finished a bench mosaic project that we wanted to do 5 years ago

We finally got our fancy press kits off to Starr Hall. We have been trying to get those out the door for a couple of months and just couldn't get to it. Now we are having our shopping cart overhauled and the website tweeked, working on new charm designs, fabric designs, making samples for distributor sales people, projects for a couple of magazines, and hoping that we can get it together for Summer and Winter CHA before chaos sets in. We are also looking forward to going to Houston for Quilt Festival and perhaps the Market portion of the program.

We are going to NYC in June to check out the Licensing Show and to take a couple of classes to get us thinking.

We have been trying to have Artgirlz Fun Friday's for about 2 years, and can never get to it for one reason or another. Consequently, we never have any new work, or learn new tricks, and scramble to get models made for shows. So, two weeks ago we grabbed about an hour and a half to spray some Ranger products onto water color paper. It was very windy so the paper kept flopping over, so we now have some very fancy rocks in the pile...got about 5 minutes in last week and maybe this Friday will be filled with many exciting creative moments for all!!

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