Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well, we made it to the Craft and Hobby Show after a long wait on runways, in airplanes and on more runways due to very bad weather around Chicago. The good news was that we did make it, and we didn't have to catch planes to go anywhere else. We saw lots of friends, sold product, talked to press people, taught a class of 50 people, did a couple of demo's, had a lot of laughs, hung out with Mark Franich (Mr. PaperArtsy on the right, below), did our first video clip, ate bad food and made it home in one piece. Al (grinning above) made her way around the show floor, meeting new people, getting her picture taken, and spreading the spirit of Artgirlz Nation. We were very excited to meet Helga from ARTchix Studio and Traci Bautista! ARTchix is a rich resource of ideas, products and links to a world of visuals! Robin Beam brought us another amazing necklace and new bracelets! We are back home regrouping...resting, getting groceries and making lists for the next events.

We are teaching in Connecticut next weekend and will be putting product together for the quilt festival in Houston, working on our rubber stamps, and discovering Skype. Mark turned us on to this amazing technology that allows us to talk thru the computer for free! As soon as we get a camera, we will be able to have a cup of tea, build empires, and share ideas together while sitting at our computers. So off to take care of the endless lists that seem to spring up everywhere. We weren't home from Chicago and there is a list for CHA Winter...

Went out early this morning to water pots and collect a few Japanese Beetles and the mosquitoes were driving me crazy! There are alot of happy bugs, worms, catepillars, butterflies thriving on the estate! Our pond is also alive with baby fish of various ages, polywogs, frogs, waterbugs, dragonflies of many colors and sizes, and beautiful tropical water lilies. The deer have managed to devour most of our hostas and land lilies...they must be having lovely buffets!
Off to build the nation!

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Angie Pedersen said...

I've used Skype a number of times, too! Maybe we can use it for our call this week! ;)