Friday, February 01, 2008

Well, Sue and I have our suit cases packed and have done just about everything we can do before our departure to Tucson...we don't have any Patriots gear, but other than that we are ready to go...The felt is officially on its way!
We are all excited to uncover the adventures that are ahead of us...we have opportunities flying all over the place and look forward to seeing old buddies and meeting new best friends on our trips to Tucson and Anaheim!!

How about this Bizzy Bee!

Cheers from the Troops here at Artgirlz Nation! Will be back soon!


CaBaCuRl said...

WOW!! You girls are so-o inspirational.I have been so immersed in your blog and website, i have no idea now of how I even discovered you this morning. BUT I have sent links to lots of friends who (unlike me) are supposed to be working!Any likelihood of you shielas coming to the Wide Brown Land at some time????

Ansley said...

Love that fuzzy buzz bee. Super cute.

Julie Corfield said...

Aw Mr Bee is too cute :) Have fun at CHA and make sure you sell tonnes to Diz at Altered Treasures(so I can play!!) Safe journey.

Crafty Chica said...

just a note to send some love and say how wonderful it was to see you again! have an awesome weekend, you deserve it!!! hugs and glitter1
kathy :-)