Friday, June 06, 2008

Once again Greetings from the Bunker at Artgirlz World Headquarters!
L-R...Jessica, JoAnn, Sue, Rosie, Midge and Linda....
I don't know what we would do without them!!!!

Holy Moly...We left for Portland so long ago or so it seems...We had a great time visiting friends, seeing Portland (Japanese Gardens are pictured above), back to Voodoo Donuts (had an amazing Artgirlz cozmic happening at Voodoo), and the other point of the trip was Spring Quilt Market.

The girlz headed home to Rhode Island and I went to San Francisco to visit son Don, see old friends and to attempt to relax and take a break. It was great to have that time with Don, see his life in action, meet his peeps...went to see the Red Sox loose to Oakland from the 14th row, saw the Annie Leibovitz exhibit,

Meanwhile the girlz were here in Little Rhody and got to experience the Charlestown Memorial Day Parade and orchestrate one of Miss Aiden's 6th Birthday Parties...

The garden kept growing while I was gone and was and is so beautiful right now!

We've had two bee swarms leave, fish being born, frogs looking for mates, veggies sticking their heads out of the ground, things to move and water, chicken coop to paint and prepare...

We are having a great sale on our beautiful Hand Made Paper Blank Books and Felt Goodies. The crew around here put a Grab Bag together filled with Artgirlz is a bargain!!

Looking forward to a great Weekend...and wish the same for all of you. Will get back to this much sooner next time!


midge said...

fun fun fun.

So happy to be part of it.

Studio A rocks!

Good to be alive.

Grateful. Peace. Pride. Love. Yes We Can. Vote for Change.

Lupine Lady said...

What a lot of great activities. Glad you got to see the Japanese Garden in Portland.

Yes, vote for Change!
Sonya and I want to come visit.

Guess who.