Friday, April 10, 2009


Sue and I headed to Florida with Al to check out the Artgirlz Southern Headquarters and say Happy Birthday to Midge! It was very relaxing...reading, sudoku, hanging around the pool, jumping in the pool, eating, walking, biking, and generally enjoying the warm weather! It was all about palm trees, surf shops, fresh orange juice!

The girlz have been working hard on their new digs and it is almost ready to welcome their furniture! As it is, it is quite easy to move things between the porch and the dining area...modular living at its best!
They have reported that garage sales are excellent sources of furniture and odds and ends and that garbage picking is an endless source of creative supplies! Just walking around the neighborhood one finds palm tree parts, leaves and pods that are just begging to be wrapped, painted cut up and put back together.

Sunday morning we checked out the Cocoa Beach Farmers Market and came home with some delicious mangos, beautiful hydroponic lettuce, and oranges. Al bought some local organic honey as a gift and Sue and I brought fresh lemon grass and brought it home. We've stored it in the freezer for a refreshing addition to home made treats!

We arrived home last Monday to very rainy, windy, New England spring conditions!! And back to work building Artgirlz Nation!

3 comments: said...

oh, crud, if i'd known you were on the move, i would have lobbied for Carlsbad, CA... dang, i need you gals close by, every time i read your email i get all excited and creative and then crud, life comes along and i get involved in quilting or another of my creative pursuits, not that it's a bad thing, i just wan to make some of your stuff... keep on doin' what you do' -- =^^=

The Dreaming Bear said...

Love to hear that you are all so happy...what an exciting adventure you are on. We are having a workshop next week, using your charms and's gonna be great! Cheers from The Dreaming Bear in Iowa! -Dori

Jill said...

I missed seeing you at the Quilt Festival in Chicago this year! But I'm glad I can keep up with what you're doing on your blog.

Love the Peas on Earth!