Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer is full on here in Rhode Island...well, it has been very very rainy and it was 52 degrees this morning when I got up, but the tourists are here full on and the gardens are a bit out of control! I have actually gotten my butt up and into my sneakers every day this week. This lovely salt pond is at the end of our street and on the walking route! The Atlantic Ocean is just over the dunes in the distance! I don't think my iphone photo translates all of the beauty, but you can get an idea. Not a bad view to help the exercise program along!!

Sue and I decided to paint our room and move back into it after the Midge and Al left for Florida!
We went from School Bus Yellow to Pink. After spending 5 minutes looking at wall paper books, I thought I would just paint something. I started out with white on the pink, but it only showed up about 15 minutes a day if you happened to be in there at that special time. Then I went at it with color and I grew to hate it even it took me more time to cover up my over sized flower garden than it did to do it in the first place! Some of the best ideas.....
Lots of weeding and pruning to take care of!


angeljoy said...

So, you painted over all the flowers?! I thought it looked good! Well, we are our worst critics...nothing wrong with that.

16 windows said...

The view and your wall are beautiful! How fun:)