Monday, February 15, 2010

I just took what was left of our product off of the website...not much I am happy and sad to say...
We have officially entered a new phase! I don't know how to thank everyone for their support and kind words. 

And since it is Presidents Day I thought that I would do a brief bit about the President of Artgirlz (Pictured above)! I don't remember just how Big Al became the President...Maybe it was because her name started with "A" or because she is taller, or because she is bossy or because she is the smartest but President she has been and a fine one at that! We have had our moments, but considering, they have been very few...we could barely stop doing product development...ideas always flying around with no time or money to carry them out.

We flew many miles, ate piles of bad food, drank gallons of Starbucks, put lots and lots of product in bags, spent hours at the computers together. She spent more time than I can personally imagine putting numbers into QuickBooks and making spreadsheets. She mixed easily with the rich and famous! She made upc calls...crunched numbers for gross margins, discounts, shipping, ordering. 
She was at her best standing behind me telling me where to move little shapes here and there as I put packaging, copy, catalog sheets together!
Always on top of fashion and never missing fashion forward moment even at the airports of the world! What's better than a "Best Tail in Town" Rhode Island sweatshirt!!
Always an artistic inspiration I miss her very much and am grateful that we took the chance to take this adventure together. Our mother would have proud!!


kirsticoo said...

Aaw... you guys have been awesome... I have loved your stuff and wish I was able to indulge in it more than I did... Enjoy the rest of your lives happy knowing how much inspiration you gave to others...xoxo

ellen said...

your mother is still proud...miss you guys

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