Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I left for Squam Lake, NH early on June 2nd. I was headed for Squam Art Workshops. The sessions were primarily focused on knitting, but there was also a mix of other options including mixed media, stitching, pattern making, yoga and painting to name a few. The event was beautifully orchestrated  by Elizabeth MacCrellish and crew on the grounds of the Rockywold-Deephaven Camps. As a stitcher it was amazing to watch the "knitters" enjoy the evening programs with needles flying and some never even taking a glance at the work!!! The link above has further links to the peeps that were teaching and entertaining.

I was feeling humble, inspired, excited, wired and exhausted. It was a great place to take it in the energy, take a class, focus on something for more than 10 minutes, see what's going on. No teaching or selling!
and then there were the roommates from Mapleshade...

Connie in from NJ with her coffee pot and Leslie (practicing her spinning) from the great Southwest met at Burning Man...who would have guessed? 

Polly (drove in from western MA) and Dominique our French Speaking Canadian brought laughs and stories of their adventures!
Mona a former local and now from Portland OR joined me on my porch sleeping location for coffee and chat very early each morning
The dynamic trio below includes singer Jonatha Brooke, new best buddy Polly, and Jen Grey. All three are fashion inspirations! Polly even brought her Muck boots to camp!! Clearly she rocks!
Allison and I used to rock out to Jonatha and our sewing machines when our studio was in Newport and we were the Weird Sisters...listening to her music over and over and over! ( I am listening right now!) I was a pleasure to hear her sing in person (and practice from her porch next door) and meet her little bad self around the paths of camp. Ms. Grey is another light beam and bundle of energy that was busy behind the scenes making everything fluffy and beautiful! It is so good for me to get out of the house and sweat pants every now and then!
 I will post info on the classes that I took tomorrow!
Packing for Seattle...


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