Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There is a hint of spring today! Our first daffodil emerged this morning! Great day to rake leaves if I didn't have to move Artgirlz Nation forward!! Midge and Al went to Florida yesterday for a few dayz to check in on the family.

The Gilman show was good. Met some new people, saw customers, will be setting up some classes. Sue and I got the pallet for Chicago wrapped last night. Working to get orders out...Kate is coming today to help out.

Took this shot of one of shelves in the studio filled with Tracy's massive collection of "little things"...It is filled with things I just can't get rid piece was a gift from Pam Hastings...still have a few boxes in the basement to spread around. Better go and glue things on blank books!


dawn m. said...

hey girlz-
thanks so much for your messages- it is so incredibly wonderful to meet other out queer folks in this biz. there needs to be more of us. it's kind of a mission of mine (not turning crafters queer, getting more queer folks to craft, and specifically, scrap, b/c of how we need to record our own history or risk getting erased again, and just to celebrate our incredibly cool culture, etc, etc, blah blah blah)... anyway, thanks so much for all the awesome work you do and the stuff you make.
ps: i love your shelves of little things! kinda looks like my whole house :)

dawn m. said...

ok, um, i swore i left a comment on this blog like a hour ago... hmm... well, i'll check on that in a minute. i wanted to say that holy bananas i just read that you guys are in Scrap City! i think that's so cool! i'm in there too. see, i knew i liked you two! apparently we're on the same team in a couple of ways :) ok, i'm not going to write "LOL" cause i don't really hold with using that dreadful internet lingo when we have perfectly good english lying around moaning from lack of proper use, but i am actually giggling at my own stupid joke.