Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well, Al and I made it to the quilt show in Chicago and back and had a great time. It was wonderful to around stitchers who "got" our product. Our "make and takes" went well, we met new wonderful people, bought a few great beads, and I have to admit I bought another bag...I really try not to, but I just couldn't help it!!
My sister was tied to the "cash register" area, because I was too lame to add and figure tax without my brain freezing. It is a sad situation, but that is just how it is. She is great at it, and I appreciated it very much. I did my best to be the restocker person and chat with customers.
We were very tired when we got home, but had to jump right back into the Artgirlz business mode...production...had to get the Dada kits to the National calls, data entry, emails, shipping, ordering, planning, whirling magazine project ideas around...I bought these roses at the grocery store when we got back. They are so beautiful, I was carrying them around so that I could see them all day.

The garden is getting very exciting. The daffies are blooming, including some very sweet miniatures. The miniature tulips are also starting to bloom...the ones that have survived squirrel attacks...will get photo's tomorrow. The pulsatilla's are also starting to bloom...the purple variety seems to pop out earlier than the white...

I also want to introduce our scary baby collection. The first one that you will see has been sun bathing all winter next to the pond, and is now gazing into the pool and watching the fish...the ones that weren't consumed by the great blue heron. There seem to be four fish out of fifteen. The good news is that we didn't buy the very expensive koi last fall!!

Happy to be home to my house, my girl, the garden and moving forward with the nation!

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Robin Walston said...

Loved your booth and your Make It U class in Chicago. So much fun!
Do you have a website where you sell your stuff???
You should have a booth at the American Quilters Society shows in Paducah and Nashville too.