Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mid week already and we are moving along here at Artgirlz Nation...Got our box from Nepal yesterday with our felt and had a couple of surprises. Our new pocketbooks for embellishment came fully embellished...that kind of thing. I have to remind myself that if that is my biggest problem of the day, I am a lucky girl.

I managed to get the images of our new charms together and we are very excited about them. Have to get going on the next group.

We had a visit last night from Pete and Karen and our friend MT Silvia. MT (Smartgirl Productions), a big shot at Pixar, is making a film about her mothers' experience with atom bomb testing. We were lucky to see the sample piece that has been put together to help nail down some production cash. Her first film was a wonderful look at Christmas in a neighborhood near her home in California. It is a big project and I hope that it all comes together!

Have to get on the bulb situation in the garden. I haven't spent my usual amount of time dreaming and studying the daffy bulbs!

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