Thursday, September 14, 2006

September is flying by...Sue and I worked in the garden last weekend...pulling weeds, moving plants, planting shrubs, edging. Sue spied a praying mantis in a tree we had just dug up...there is an amazing face!

Speaking of faces, we finally having our new face charm has taken a while to get this one the way we liked it. Will be ready to ship next week as will the jester hat! We are waiting to receive our wing models. Should be any moment!

We talked with a smart energetic woman this week who is going to work with us to help boost sales! Yea...thanks Jes for sending sis is a bit worried about having another "J" name...Jes, JoAnn, Janet. JoAnn and Mat are returning today after a break for family hospital another Artgirlz Birthday Lunch for Jo...

I think that our first plate of rubber stamps are ready for production. I was hoping to have them for Houston, but it will be very tight! It is coming at us very quickly.
Off to get some work done...

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