Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Monday morning at Artgirlz Nation. We will be finishing up packing and all preparations for CHA today so that we can celebrate Allison's Birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthay Big Al!! As part of that preparation, I wanted to get a few more samples of our new wool felt kits up for the world to see.
The Christmas Tree contains the cone with wool felt beads and a second pack of mixed beads for additional color and texture. Of course any number of sequins, ribbons, trims, presents and embroidery can be added to the mix!


Sue and I traveled in Africa in 1994 and '96. While in Kenya we were privileged to hook up with and spend most of our time with a very interesting Kenyan family. They worked as ambassadors, representatives in the government, writers and entreprenures. Our hostess Sophia Odero worked with street children offering food and guidance and with widows, helping them develop skills and micro businesses.

Four years ago we received a call from a young man who introduced himself as the son of one of our favorite Kenyan friends (far left). We offered words of wisdom for survival in the US and sent bits of cash for college fees. A couple of years ago we were heartbroken when we learned that his mom had died. So it was with great pleasure that we headed out to Portland to actually meet Pamela's beautiful son Myque and attend his wedding over the 4th.

After an introductory breakfast with the groom we went to help him check things off of his "honey do" list. Under the sure guidance of Myque's brother Elijah (seen above right with girlfriend Tana), we spent the next two hot, laugh filled days, chopping up the ingredients and cooking the post wedding rehersal Kenyan feast...and we finally met Abby, the Bride!!

We were very excited to reconnect with Joseph Otieno, who as a teenager in his family home in Nairobi, gave us his room as a landing zone. He filled us in on family news and promised to send greetings to his mom who is working in Afganistan. Hope to meet up with him when we head to Houston for Quilt Market/Festival! The wedding was beautiful, the food was perfect, the cake was the best I've ever tasted.

We were thrilled to meet Myque, his brother Elijah and friends and to observe their love and respect for each other. They are loving, smart and very funny young men and their mom would be very proud of their journey into the world!! We miss them madly!

The other great part of our trip to Portland was spending time with our host David Fones! We met David on our journey thru the craft industry and were very excited that we would be able to drink coffee in his kitchen, read on the porch, study his garden and neighborhood and enjoy his personal guidance around town (which we loved)!! My sister was afraid we wouldn't come home from the land of organic mindsets, art, gardens, gardens and more gardens, light, warm, mosquito free evenings, amazing mexican food...

Part of our Portland tour was a look at the Chinese Gardens with their amazing stone mosaic walkways.

And then there was VooDoo Donuts..

We had heard about this joint on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, that was aired on the travel channel. It was immediately put onto our Portland list! After the relaxing greenery of the Chinese Gardens we trotted down a couple of blocks and there it was! On the left is the "Dirty Bastard"...a lovely raised donut with chocolate frosting, crushed oreos, and a drizzle of peanut butter. Yes, we actually consumed it...and here is Sue enjoying a bit of maple frosting and bacon on an oblong raised dough ball...It is probably a once in a lifetime event!

We had a great trip and are very grateful to David and Lyle for sharing their home and special adventure filled automobile...and we are grateful for the twists and turns that led us to Myque and Abby's wedding.

On to is a view from 35,000 ft....

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judy coates perez said...

oh that voo doo doughnut looks scary, did it cast a spell on you?

I love matilija poppies, they used to grow on the hillside above our home in los angeles. They look like they missed getting ironed after opening up.

i will be thinking about you being here in the windy city this weekend. good luck with the show.