Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well, we made it to Chicago and back and had a wild ride in the middle!! Once again, we saw old friends, made new best friends and are trying to regroup! We were very happy to have Midge on the Artgirlz team and we were all amazed to experience the mix of energy from our combined forces! There was so much going on at any one moment that we are still catching up on stories. We talked with magazine editors, tv producers, online hostesses, distributors, store owners, acquisition big shots, and most importantly our loyal supporters and "old" customers from all over the place! There is nothing more heartwarming than hearing that we have nudged someone along their creative path!!

I continue to be inspiried by the young designers that are out there writing books, looking for work and doing tv and generally bringing a freshness to the scene. We were lucky to run into Traci Bautista, Katie Hacker, Candie Cooper and Margot Potter.

The garden needs lots of work with weeds growing, Japanese beetles munching away...but the lilies are beautiful, the bees are very busy, baby angelicas are all over the place, the fish and frogs seem to be happy in the pond. Sue and Al checked the bees last night. There are so many of them and we don't want them to swarm. We are beekeepers driving without a license, so we have to call one of our mentors today for advice. We had the joy and privilege of tasting the honey right out of the comb!

Back to work! Hi Lennis!


Holly Terra said...

you girls were AWESOME at CHA! I loved everything about your booth! Keep creating!

Holly Terra (the girl with the circle bag)

Jody said...

Hello! Hope you are getting back into the groove of daily life after CHA. I loved seeing your crafts and designs and walked away inspired and better because of you. Loved your booth! I am looking forward to creating with your goods. =) I'll send you our pic soon too. Turned out cute.

Lisa Sigler said...

Hi girls! I was able to meet you guys in CHICAGO and buy one of your wonderful little pins toward the end of the show. What a PLEASURE it was to spend time visiting with you and looking at your fantastic products! I am now a HUGE fan! I get asked everywhere I go "where did you get that cute little "don't worry" pin?" I need that statement more than you know. Hope to see you again! Lisa
p.s. I had on the DUDE DESIGNS apron with blonde hair

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies! I just decided to check you out and there's my name! LOL. Can't wait to get my order!

Katie Hacker said...

Hey, girlz! Thanks for the shout-out. It was great to see you. Did you know I'm a beekeeper, too? I haven't been living up to the name this summer but hopefully my bees haven't noticed. I need to get in there soon and see what they've been up to. Oh, yummy honey.

Gigi said...

hey girlz!!!! just wanted to pop by & tell you how much i enjoyed meeting you in chicago. your booth was inspiring & your products are amazing!! i can't wait to get my hands on some :)

hope you are having a fantastic summer!!

SIStv :)