Monday, May 12, 2008

So much has been unfolding around here since the last post...this is going to be a quick photo essay...between these photos, we work!

Midge and Allison: April in Paris! Five of Six Hundred
They had a wonderful time, beautiful weather, good food, museums, and a lot of walking. Lots of great chocolate, olive oil and balsamic vinegar around here..Thanks girlzz!!

May Day at Dawn, Narragansett, RI
"Ladies of the Rolling Pin" welcoming the Day!

Cathy Hill, our friend, yoga teacher, serious earth mother!!

Sue's Surprise Birthday Pedicure Extravaganza!

The Chicken Coop Arrives with George, Cathy and Dan!!
Sue's Actual Birthday Day!

Setting Up the New Veggie Garden
Set Up: Each One of Us Cooks one Night a Week! What a Great Plan!!

Lots of Rain for the Flowers!

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