Monday, April 28, 2008

Hopefully the girlz are winging their way back to the good old US. Things are quiet here this morning and that usually means a higher level of concentration for me...usually...

While we were in Chicago at the Quilt Festival, we were lucky to spend a wee amount of time with two amazing talented sisters, Deb Silva and Judy Coates Perez. I believe we all met in Chicago a year or two ago. They both do extremely beautiful work that is well worth checking out!

Deb went home with one of our new Big Bags and sent me this photo the other night. I love seeing what comes out of someone else's head, heart and hands! She did mention that she raided Judy's felt stash...but that's what it's all about! Thanks Deb for your inspiring work...thanks to both of you!

It is raining! I am so happy for the garden!!

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Mieke said...

WOW. Love the bag!!