Monday, October 06, 2008

Trying to get a post in before another month flies by...I am so behind in my social networking!!
About three weeks ago we took Artgirlz on the road locally, and did the Farmers Market at Casey Farms and the Peace Festival in Peacedale, RI. We sold some goodies and mostly had paper, glue and scissors set up so that the kidz could do their thing!! And they did!! We all love watching the kidz get into it...concentrating, looking for just the right thing, and explaining the story behind their decisions!!
This week we are pulling it together for the Art-Is gathering in Cromwell Ct. I think that all of the class kits are together, so it is the rest of the tasks that go into preparing for a show! It should be fun, and I think that we have about 50 folks signed up to to a Saturday Night Extravaganza with the Artgirlz!!

We have had lots of tasks around the yard, and we decided to do a second blog, TheGreengirlz on which to put our farming stories. That will leave this site for Artgirlz business and creative updates!!

I also wanted to say that we will not be in Houston for Festival this year. It was a very hard decision, based on the financials involved with the whole event. Al and I will be at Market for a couple of days but will miss seeing all of our buddies at the Festival!!!


judy coates perez said...

Oh my, it won't be the same without your colorful booth next to QA's. You guys will be sorely missed. I wasn't going to go until a few weeks ago, I couldn't stand breaking tradition and knowing my friends were having a blast without me. So I found a cheap flight and bartered for a spot in someones hotel room. I am really hatin' this economy!

Julie Corfield said...

Well done on working with the kids - I go and help my son's art class of 5-6yr olds and love it! You can see the creativity oozing out of them :)

I've just placed an order (finally) with your shop and can't wait to receive girls made a big impact on me and my art since I took your class at Away with the Faeries in Oxford England last year (I was the really tall girl!) All the best to you 2. xxx