Friday, October 17, 2008

We have unpacked from Art - Is in Connecticut! We had a group of at least 40 women making paper crowns on Saturday. It seemed like everyone had a great time, cutting, stamping, gluing,
coloring their crowns and all took on quite a royal posture!! Looking forward to spending more time there next year. Will keep everyone posted!

Al got hit with a nasty cold and is finally feeling a bit better. Midge is off to LA for a few days to see her daughter Beth. Sue and I are packing up again and heading across the bridges and the Sea and Stars Quilt Show in Portsmouth, RI. Looking forward to sharing our wares with local stitchers!!

Then Al and I will head to Houston for a couple of dayz at Quilt Market. We will be supporting
Brewer and their sales staff, helping to get Artgirlz out there in the world. We will be doing a School House Presentation Friday afternoon. We will be in the Brewer Booth on Sat from 2-4 and Sun from 10-12 doing demos and photo ops with Artgirlz props!

Somewhat in denial about my own cold situation....

Keep encouraging folks to vote....did we tell you that our Obama sign was ripped off! Eekkkk...


Sandra L. said...

Hi Girlz--Just wanted to say, it was nice to see you again! I am sorry I didn't do your Saturday night workshop--maybe next time.

Have a quick question for you: Does Linda Willis have a web site? I've been Googling and not finding.

Take care, blessings,

Sandra Ludwig

Kelly Dowling said...

I was stuck in a hotel in Newtown CT this week and went wandering in seach of something to do. I found your cool pin kit in an art store near there and fell in love with the whole look and feel of it!

I would add a needle and thread to the kit and poof, the kit could be completed anywhere! thank you for a very cool product.
Kelly Dowling