Friday, December 05, 2008

I can hardly believe that we are 5 dayz into December! We are trying to remain upright and focused!! The Foundry Show opened last night. It is always a relief to get the Artgirlz corner set up with little felt snow people and Christmas trees. It was fun to see those folks that we only see there! And we love seeing our fellow craftspeople putting their hearts and souls out into the world. I know how hard they all work to get their goods to the table. I hope all of the artisans in the world have a great season!!!

Looking forward to watering the plants, regrouping a bit here in the studio, trying to stay in the moment, and relaxing this evening with my girl. Tomorrow we have serious focusing to do for a two day business meeting that starts Sunday evening. We are up to it I'm sure!!!

Oh, we have a new addition to the Artgirlz family...Beth,one of the Alaska sisters has a new grand baby. Little Miss Ivy! This looks like an immediate landing on earth photo!

I picked up a little shirt and overalls and added a little Artgirl treatment. I stuck the shirt into some pink dye to give it a girlie color and machine embroidered her name on the bib. Allison added a few flowers with embroidery floss. Now the next step is to get it into the mail before she's too big for her hip artgirlz outfit!!!

I hope all of you are staying calm and having fun preparing for the festivities ahead...what ever they may be!

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nnewbold said...

Congrats, Great Aunties!!! Adorable outfit!
Love and Season Greetings from California, Nance