Friday, February 13, 2009

My new favorite thing
I love to do here at Artgirlz south
is ride my new bike.

Midge and I try to take time each day for a ride.
Sometimes on the weekend it is a ride to the farmers market or the library.
But usually it is just a spin around our little neighborhood.
Like two little kids,
we pedal through the warm breezes
looking for new landscaping ideas,
checking out the sights on the river or
watching the young osprey trying to build a nest on a light pole.

Wow Florida is a place full of big birds.
I miss the small ones that we always have
at the feeders in Rhode Island.
Although up north we do have the visits from the turkey family,
here in Florida the big birds are everywhere.
Great Blue Heron,
Egrets of all sorts,
and Vultures.
Yet it was still shocking when I found this
strange red bird slinking
around our yard.

Oh, on closer inspection I saw it was
the Artgirlz LOVE BIRD!!

Happy Valentines Day !

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