Friday, June 12, 2009

Arty Goodies for the Garden

Greetings from rainy rainy cloudy Rhode Island!

Midge and Al have unpacked their Pod in Florida and Sue and I are moving things here and there, filling in empty spaces...picking up treasures at flea markets and garage sales. Al and I had to split up all of our fabric, beads, threads etc, so I have been trying to make sense out of the stuff left in my work space and trying to set it up so that things are easy to find and use. What a concept. We have been so busy with Artgirlz for the last five years that we really haven't had time to use all of the must have objects in our collection. I am hoping that will change a bit!

Last month on another rainy day, I brought the base of this old bird bath into the house with my collection of broken plates and tiles. It was very satisfying to break down the dishes and cover up the grey! What a great way to recycle old dishes and miscellaneous garden objects!

The base is finished and waiting in the green house for a great topper. Hasn't shown up yet!Linda is coming by today and we are going to get the goodies together for our book class next weekend. I am hoping that we will be able to work outside for a bit, but the weather map isn't looking good. But, staying in the moment, it will be fun working with papers today!

If you haven't seen the latest copy of Studios from Cloth Paper Scissors, you should check it out! There are stories and photos of a wide variety of work spaces and a couple of lovely shots of us doing a project in the garden!


Anna Fogg said...

Hi. Enjoy subscribing to your blog. Is that old bird bath plastic? If yes, will it hold up in the weather outdoors? It's turning out wonderfully!
~anna in md, right outside of my hometown in DC

Tracy and Allison Stilwell said...

hi anna,
thanks for your kind words! the base is not plastic...more like concrete or plaster...clearly, i don't know!