Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Solstice from Soggy Rhode Island! We have brief moments of sunshine all month, and one of them in all ways was a visit from Lesley Riley! What's not to love about that!! After taking a class at Pro Chemical she landed at Artgirlz World Headquarters. We had a great 24 hours talking family and business. I was very grateful for the opportunity to talk with another artist trying to figure out the next direction!! Miss Allison made it up from FLA in time for the visit and Linda got to meet one of her heroines!!! Good day!

Al has been around the Rhode Island Headquarters this week. We had to prepare for our class and continue slogging through the process of figuring out how to do our business when we are miles apart. That has been somewhat painful but coming along. Lots of pots on the Artgirlz stove...trying to make good decisions around the mix of ingredients...that would promote mental health, creative satisfaction and a profit!!! I keep telling her to get a grip but she just won't listen! Did I mention that we are both tripping off of our anti-depressants?#$@? Who knew???

Our class went well! We got to paint paper outside in the morning and proceeded to the secret underground location to continue working with paints, stamps, bubble wrap, stencils, gesso....etc.etc.etc. The folding and combining of the painted paper and the pages pulled the pieces together! We of course had a delicious lunch...rice salad, bean soup/stew...(stewp as Christy came up with!) Christy's ginger snaps and Linda's Mother's Blueberry Cake...It seemed like all brave attendees had a great time. We thank them for joining us. We missed Ellen, Sallianne and Jacqui...

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