Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marcella Welch

Sue and I had the privilege of attending a surprise 60th birthday party for Marcella Welch in Atlanta, Georgia. Marcella is an amazing artist that we met many years ago at a doll conference in California. I'm not exactly sure what it was that brought us together in the back row of conference gatherings...observing, commenting and weaving a friendship. We only saw each other at these events, took part in a couple of collaborative projects, met up in DC when we both had a doll on Bill and Hillary's Christmas Tree.

I emailed her a couple of years ago to see how things were going and she let me know that she had just been diagnosed with brain cancer. After a couple of weeks she said that she wouldn't be able to communicate for a while because she was going in for treatment. I didn't hear anything after that. As time went by, I kept wondering if she was okay...I rehearsed a phone conversation a million times but never made it...

An email arrived this spring from Marcella's daughter LaShawnda inviting us to Marcella's Surprise 60th Birthday Party!!! Yea, she lived!!! So, Atlanta in August no problem!! We went, we surprised her very much, met her beautiful mother Hellon, other family and friends. We cruised around Marietta, GA on a lovely Saturday morning...the farmers market, had an amazing breakfast, had eyeball popping fun wandering through Fit for a Queen and found Artgirlz product at Rubber Stamp Fantasy, 115 Church Street ...The Party was beautiful, and we were thrilled to be there!!!!

Due to the weather we missed our flight home and ended up staying with Marcella, husband Curtis, mom Hellon for another bonus day!! Fresh carrot juice, a beautiful home and art and art supplies were everywhere. Projects and piles of supplies were spread throughout the home...paints, dyes, cotton, wool, clay, yarns, beads, sewing machines...flowing over and under tables...

It was very inspiring to see her work, works in progress, piles of materials, hearing what she had been through, seeing how the family supports her, and knowing that she is back at her work and wants to continue to teach, and work her magic.
We will be selling her rubber stamps very soon! Look for them!