Monday, August 17, 2009

Midge and I arrived in RI about 5 days ago. It has been heart warming to see all of our friends and family. We must be getting to be more Floridian than we think because we are looking at the New England country side like it is the hills of Worcestershire. We keep comparing the temperature to Florida and all of our friends add to this by asking us "is it this hot in Florida?"

It is good to be back at Artgirlz World Headquarters, around all of the creative energy that Tracy and Linda have been cooking up. The bad news is our business has been slowing over the past year and now it is getting so slow that we are constantly fighting off stress, worry and big questions about what the future holds.

We have worked so hard over the past five years to build Artgirlz Nation and it is hard to think of letting it go. We have built our little company from our little investment in our basement. We learned all aspects of business as we went along, from how to design a fabulous trade show booth on a shoe string, to how to get, organize and print UPC codes. It has sometimes been stressful but often fun, invigorating and worthwhile. It has given us the opportunity to travel and meet new people from around the world. The greatest gift through all this has been the loving encouragement we have received from our customers.

I keep trying to find a space of comfort. I find myself worrying all of the time. I try to be grateful and know that there are others that have it so much harder than I do and be open to the idea that all is well in my happy little life. My self-will can't fix it but Powerball is $217,000,000 and I have a ticket.

While the wonders of Powerball and the quirky ups and downs of the universe do their thing, we are having a great we carve out some breathing room, ideas are still floating, diving, whirling around just waiting to come into being!

Any tips?


Gypsy Threads said...

I hear you ladies! Folks are not certain what the future holds for them and they are scared. Creative endeavors are usually the first to go-when they should be the one constant in our lives. I think what you do is terrific. I often hear people exclaim with delight when they discover your items. Keep visioning what you want your lives to be and know you can attain that!

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Sorry to hear your troubles... so many great businesses (and families) fighting to stay afloat right now. Best wishes to you guys. Your stuff is great.