Friday, December 18, 2009

One of our favorite employees, Rosie and her mom Laura have been chosen as finalists in a contest sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens...folks have to register to vote at the website and then vote for them and they are behind!!!
The Website isn't the most user friendly but these are the instructions that Rosie posted for her friends!

The Finals Voting period is December 16th- 21st.

    * You can vote once per day per log-in
    * Go to the site
    * Look for our team:
VOTE for "A Hoot Garden" by Rosie and Laura
    * Our quilts are pink with owls of course!!! See attached photos.
    * Register to VOTE! Remember your password so you can vote everyday!!!
    * Please note: Step 2 of registration asks for your address- you do not need to provide this info- once you complete Step 1 and create an ID and PW, you are all set to go to the link above and vote!

There are a few steps to take but if you knew Rosie, you would take them happily!!

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Aimeslee said...

I hope Rosie placed! Hey, Tracy and Allison, just wanted to wish you a happy holiday and new year and tell you just how much I appreciate lurking your blog (yes, my bad for just now commenting).

The ingenious ideas and perspectives on life and living it creatively that you two have are indeed rare and I love coming here to see what new yummies you have posted. It definitely makes me more inspired and creative just to read each post.

Please keep posting. This is awfully selfish, but I hope posting more often is on one of your's n.y.rez lists - hehehehe. Like, once a week, maybe????

Now, I'm off to place another order at please, get outa my way!!!!!!! (KIDDING, mostly, Xmas cash in my hot lil hand and all...)