Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow, it has been a wild non stop month. I am back in Florida after closing the books, enjoying Thanksgiving with the family and doing the Foundry in Little Rhody.

Midge and I got rid of so much when we moved that it left us with very little Christmas stuff. So now we have a two foot green foil tree and a cloth wreath that our daughter Sara made. We thought we should step it up a bit because we are having Midgies family here for Christmas dinner with a special visit from our daughter Beth from California.

We didn't wanted go out and consume so we looked around and noticed we had an abundance of paper scraps. Ahh  Haaa ...... paper chains. So we spent last weekend around the dining table equipted with a paper cutter and stapler and worked up about 100 ft of artgirlie chain. We draped it around our living and dining rooms and it added the perfect touch of celebration.

We took a bike ride around the neighborhood to see if we could find some greens we could abscond with to give a boost to our decorating. No luck, there just aren't a lot of pine trees in this neck of the woods. So, you can imagine how happy were to find a night of wreath making with the local native plant society. We arrived to find piles of local flora to make great holiday decor. It was nice to break out of our Yankee box and make old things with new material.

Midge made a center piece for our holiday table and I made a wreath. We had a great time, met some like minded people and will be looking forward to future Florida holiday decorating with new eyes.


JKW said...

Welcome to paradise. I love that we decorate our palm trees with white lights (even the fronds). Makes for a very merry looking Christmas. ENJOY! Blessings, Janet

Anonymous said...

Love the wreath! Happy new year girls!