Friday, April 20, 2007

Greetings! Last week, we made it into Chicago just before the snow created havoc. Had a great class at Carolina Moon in Des Plains and did a little damage at Bodacious Beads that happens to be next door. It was there that we started down the road to 5 days of bad food. We started setting up our booth on Wednesday and finished up just in time to change our clothes on Thursday evening. We had a wonderful and somewhat exhausting time...teaching, demonstating...meeting new folks, seeing repeat customers from last year. We enjoyed seeing little things that people have made with our charms. Above is a piece done by Laura Melohn, and just below is another springy girl done by her mom Jane Melohn. Thanks!
Just checked my last post to see what I put up and found a comment from someone who left this great link! Betz White made this piece with felt beads and posted it on her blog. I believe that the person that led us to Betz was trying to describe the project to me in Chicago. If you have any interest in textiles, particularly felted wool, check out the work of Betz White! It is beautiful. We went right out and bought old wool sweaters!!

Below you can see photo from in Vanessa Feuillade, owner of Crafy-Ness in Caerphilly, South Wales (UK). They did a class with tags, felt flowers and charms and sent these photos of all of their work!! It is gratifying to know that the girlz are multiplying around the world!

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Anonymous said...

hi loved the class at the brecon retreat with Vanessa and we where telling her how we had met you both at away with the fairies.Hope you regonised us lol.Me in the pink top and Jools ( your analyst) behind. Looks like you have been very busy. Keep up the good work.
julie x