Monday, April 30, 2007

Spent a bit of time in the garden this weekend inbetween rain drops! Things are popping up so quickly! The daffodils are beautiful and new things are crawling up from under the dirt everyday...our favorite time of year. We clip, dig, move plants, watch the frogs and fish in the pond...there is a pair of cardinals hanging around, chipmonks and squirrels running around taking care of business!

Speaking of business, my goal is to have this message finished and the newsletter out by lunch! It is 7:30 am so that gives me a fair amount of time.We have wanted to get our Pock-A-Book Kits up...the name is a Rhode Islandeeze translation of the word "pocketbook". We have included lots of goodies in the kits for your creative enjoyment. To turn it into a shoulder bag, just snip off the wool handle and add a piece of ribbon or braided trim. If you just want a bag, you can add your own goodies. It is a perfect size for your phone, money, cc's and lip balm! This is very easy sewing!! No stress involved and if you are absolutely not a stitcher, the felt can be glued onto the bag.

The first time that I saw these cones, my brain went right to our charms and I saw families of cone girlz sprouting up all around the world! Now, they are finally up on the site so that you too can start your tribe! The images shown are characters made from the goodies in the kit, but you could go wild with your own creative fingers! I meant to make a little cone bag before this moment, but will put it on the list and share it with you. The solo cones are also available without all of the goodies. Like the bags, the wool is very easy to sew thru and the projects can be finished in a couple of hours. The details on the left show the rainbow hemp strung with beads and with a simple knot holding the beads. Stay tuned for more samples!!

Onto the newsletter details and hopefully sending them out thru cyber space!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I got a cone doll at the show in Chicago. Oh, I has such fun with her! Thanks so much! She's now my stitching muse (actually she sits on my desk at work to remind me there's live beyond...) You can see her at my flickr site:
Marjorie in Illinois said...

I work with felt alot and have purchased several times from you. I know copying is so uncreative, but can I make one of these dolls? They are adorable and I seem to have all the materials. C