Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today the Sun will cross directly over the Earth's equator...the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere - autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Literal translation..."Equal Night". Yea!!!! Spring is here! It has been raining for a couple of dayz and seems like it will be the same today....The good news for us is that we aren't under water. My sympathies are with those whose lives are soggy and ruined. The photo above was taken two years ago today!

I learned that today is also the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Sign! I don't know how long this link to the BBC will have the story. We had our Peace Sign retooled after I realize it was the Mercedes symbol. We have lots of them if you want to spread the word!!

Continuing on my social networking task, I managed to spice up our MySpace space, got some photos up on Flickr (waiting for my pro package to kick in), and sold one bag of wool eggs on Etsy. We are planning on putting Artgirlz one of a kind items in that space...

Okay, gotta go and have some chow and get to work!!! Happy Equinox!!

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