Wednesday, March 05, 2008

We were busy inside all day writing directions for projects, shipping product, making samples, wondering about politics in our country, checking lists and happily crossing off a few things...Then, Sue called me outside this afternoon to check out the things that are exploding out of the ground! The clematis has green starting to sprout, daffie bulbs, and sedums emerging...the fish were cruising... it was in the high 50's!!!

I have been very inspired by Kathy Murillo's wide ranging presence on the web...her blog, her new blog, her MySpace yesterday I jumped right onto MySpace, signed up but can't quite figure out how to make it very now that is up there on the list of things to learn! We have one friend...Tom the generic friend of all MySpacers...So thanks Kath, I'm going to get in touch when you're home from your cruise!!

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